I believe that beauty can make you feel loved and like you belong. I really do. I’m not talking the Vogue type of beauty – I’m talking beauty in the hidden, beauty in the everyday.

And with photography I didn’t just find satisfaction for my hungry creative soul and my longing for beauty – I found people. I found love. I found home. For me photography is not about the medium itself. I couldn’t care less about cameras and lenses. It’s about those moments there are no words for.

Like how the sun beams flow down my staircase in the morning. The way he laughs not because of the movie but because of her reaction to the movie. It’s how you close your eyes when a familiar scent takes you back to that place. The beauty that makes our life.

Photography is about people. And their stories. And finding the beauty that makes them feel ‘I’m home’. Because they all matter.

And I fall in love with them all the time.